Why is boiler maintenance so important?

Whether you have just acquired a new boiler for your factory or your business premises, or you already have one, boiler maintenance becomes a necessary consideration. Why and when should you contact a company that specializes in steam and hot water boiler maintenance and inspection? Our experts give their tips.

Why have my boiler serviced?

  • Extend the longevity of your appliance

If the idea of ​​regularly changing your boiler system as a result of carelessness puts you off, you should know that regular maintenance (once a year in most cases) ensures your system has a longer life; not to mention that a well-maintained installation prevents your utility bill from increasing.

Moreover, calling on a professional organization to perform a check and maintenance of your boiler ensures that it is carried out properly.

  • In the case of boiler inspection

Paragraph 24 of Section A-20.01 of the Act Respecting Pressure Vessels provides that an inspector may order the shutdown of a pressure vessel and seal it when its user cannot provide the certificates required by this Act.

Having your boiler system verified by an expert will allow you to obtain a legal compliance certificate for specified period.

  • Limit the risks

According to the same law, even when holding a certificate, the inspector in charge of checking your appliance can also order its stoppage if its operation presents, according to him, an imminent danger.

To avoid ending up without a heating system and protect yourself from risk, we advise you to contact a boiler system maintenance service.

When is the right time for boiler maintenance?

Each boiler being different, it is important to understand the nature of your system if you want to know when maintenance is required. It is often recommended for manufacturers to have their installation checked once a year before the most important consumption period, that is, in winter; however, some appliances, especially older ones, require more frequent inspections.

Likewise, if you are reading this to maintain or repair a system installed in a school board, health center or hospital, some parameters may differ. If you have any doubts, don’t hesitate to call on a company that specializes in boiler maintenance and repair.

Remember to maintain your system

Now you know why it is so important to regularly maintain and, if necessary, repair your boiler. And since we aren’t talking about a simple domestic water heater, but a complex system that is subject to laws, contact an expert!