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Centre de preservation de Gatineau

Project :

Change the two burners on 1999 Volcanos of 200 BHP, as well as the oxygen probe, the variable frequency drive and modulating stack damper.


  • Change burners to increase turndown ratio (10:1)
  • Micro-modulation: The higher turndown ratio reduces cycling when the demand is low (particularly true in summer time when the boiler is only used for humidification).
  • Oxygen probe (O2 Trim): The O2 Trim combined with a parallel positioning system allows an optimal control of the excess air over the entire range of operation.
  • Combustion air motor drive: A drive (Variable Frequency Drive) on the combustion air motor was added and now contributes to a lower electricity bill while increasing combustion stability.
  • Modulating stack damper: The stack dampers were added to reduce heat loss due to the natural draft of the stack. It also solved a vibration problem that the operators had at the boiler outlet (common stack).